Love is Greater Than…

Tony Sammut   -  

If you joined us for church yesterday, then you know that this winter, we’re journeying through an 8 week Sunday series that we’re calling “Love is Greater than…”  Especially in a time like this – we could all use an injection of God’s life-giving love in our lives, and a reminder of what it looks like to live in his love, and live it out as well!

For this week’s Daily Reading, rather than having too much commentary for each day, we want to encourage you to take the time to really chew on some of God’s Words about love.  For many of us, when we think of a life of following God, it’s easy to split love up into two separate categories – loving God, and loving others.  When we think about loving God, what often comes to mind is “spiritual things” like praying, and studying Scripture, and singing worship songs.   When we think about loving others, it’s often more “earthy” things like sharing what we have, giving to those in need, or forgiving someone when they’ve hurt us.

The teachings of Jesus and the New Testament writers, however, didn’t seem to separate love out into these two categories.  Rather, they understood that loving God (a very spiritual thing!) was demonstrated primarily through loving other people (a very earthy thing).  And the way we love people is actually evidence of how we love God (for better or for worse!).

Each day’s reading this week unpacks some dimension of this truth.  So take time to let it sink in through this reflective reading practice.



For each day this week, start your time with God off with two minutes of silence.  Recognize that you are in His presence, and He is filled with a deep, holy, and unbreakable love for you.

Read through the Scripture passage three times:

First Reading: Read through the passage slowly and reflectively.  Listen for any word, phrase, or image that rises to the top for you.  Give yourself a few moments to simply attend to that word, phrase or image.  Ask Jesus to make it clear to you.

Second Reading: Read through the passage a second time.  As you do, invite God to speak to you more about the word, phrase, or image that was most significant to you in your first reading.  What is significant about this?  Why does God want to bring this particular thing up to you today?  What is God saying to you about this?  How does it relate to your life and relationships right now?  Take a few moments after your reading for quiet reflection on these questions.

Third Reading:  Read through the passage a third time.  As you do, ask God: How do you want me to respond in light of what you’ve been saying to me?  Is there an action step you want to take?  Is there some way God is asking you to obey Him out of love?  Is there some person you need to reach out to in some way?  Take a few moments to reflect on these questions.

After your reflection, finish your time by thanking God for the ways that He’s spoken to you and the ways that He loves you.  Ask Him to fill you with His love for all that is before you in the day ahead.

Day 1: 1 Corinthians 13

Day 2: Luke 10:25-37

Day 3: John 15:9-17

Day 4: 1 John 4:7-21

Day 5: Romans 12:9-21