Tony Sammut   -  

LENT begins today.

Perhaps you’ve celebrated the season of Lent many times before.  Or maybe it’s an altogether new idea for you.

Whatever the case, you’re invited to join us in a new daily reading journey this Lent Season.

“Lent” is a season of preparation that leads us up to Easter Sunday — the highest holiday for us as followers of Jesus.

Because that was the day that He rose from the dead.  It was the day that changed everything.

So in Lent, we take this season of many days — 40 days to be exact (not including the Sundays) — to prepare our hearts to be able to fully appreciate that ONE DAY.

So enter into this Lent season, and may it be a gift to help you experience the greatness of the Day it is leading us toward.

This year, we invite you to follow along with N.T. Wright’s devotional, Lent for Everyone.

You can find it on bible.com or the youversion bible app for free.

JUST CLICK HERE to start the journey.