Our Vision

The Well Community Church is called to be an ever-growing group of Jesus followers with a Deep Faith and a Wide Embrace.

By Faith, we don’t mean “positive thinking”, or a vague sense or sentiment that somehow everything in life will work out okay. Rather we believe that overflowing joy, lasting peace and true transformation are found through a deep faith in Jesus Christ. It is through Jesus’ teaching, life, death and resurrection that we are brought into a transforming relationship with the living God. He is the one who has, still does, and will change everything. And for that reason, we are striving to be a community where people can encounter Jesus.

At the same time, we also believe that every Jesus-following community must have a wide embrace, reaching out to and including all people, regardless of race, gender, social class or background. Whereas religion stratifies and separates, we know that Jesus came to unite, in the love of God. All four biographies of Jesus (in the New Testament) tell this story. The truth is, the deeper our faith in Jesus goes, the wider our embrace will be.

Our Community

In the Bible, the ‘upper room’ of a house was where significant things happen – it was a place that they would host special guests or have celebratory feasts. In fact, throughout Biblical records there are many historic events that occurred in the “upper room”:

God used his servant Elijah to bring a boy back to life… Jesus had the last supper with his closest friends… the Disciples met together in Jerusalem in an upper room and it was most likely there that God’s Spirit came upon them at Pentecost.

We want our church to be a place where significant things happen too. And, in our opinion, there is nothing more significant than encountering God in the context of a loving and authentic community.


The Christian and Missionary Alliance

The Well is a member of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) group of churches. The C&MA is an alliance of evangelical believers, joined together in local churches, committed to fulfilling the great commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ. We are “christian” because we believe and follow Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. We are “missionary” because we are committed to reaching people with the good news of Jesus Christ. As a denomination we are committed to worldwide evangelism and discipleship. This is reflected in our commitment to plant churches around the world, to concentrate on evangelism, and to train and send into service only those who are sound in faith, filled with the Spirit of God and have a passion for reaching those without Christ. The Alliance emphasizes the need for genuine spiritual conversion to Christ, a spirit-filled life and effective service. We teach the centrality of Christ expressed as thus: “Jesus Christ: Our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King.” Our emphasis on the person of Jesus Christ grows out of an unswerving loyalty to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture. Our emphasis on holy living and the Holy Spirit’s power for service grows out of the clear teaching in the New Testament epistles and the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Here is our Statement of Faith.

For more information, please visit www.cmacan.org.