Love is Greater than You do You
Vijay Krishnan   -  

1 Cor 13:4-7a This message will talk about the idea of love as protecting others by telling them the truth (rather than just letting people do or say or think whatever they think is best). We live in a culture that says if you disagree with me, you don’t love me. If you tell me you think I am making poor decisions, you don’t love me, or if you tell me that there is a right and wrong way that you’re being oppressive and controlling (not loving). Paul says that Love protects and rejoices with the truth – this means that at times we will have to say tough things to each other, in love. WE don’t do it (or we do it badly) out of pride (i’m angry with your choices or i’m too scared of rejection so I won’t say anything). Love sometimes requires us to confront. How do we do that lovingly?

a. Love (protection) isn’t silent or passive or acquiescing

b. It is a fight for someone and the things God wants for them

c. Saying what needs to be said is (can be, should be) loving