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Welcome to Church, at the Well.

The Well is a community with a deep faith and a wide embrace. A community of people being changed by the life, teaching and love of Jesus. Wherever you are on the journey – curious, skeptical, hopeful– The Well is a place where you can move closer to Jesus, together.

One Church.
Multiple Locations.
Now Gathering Online.

Sundays 9:50 AM on Youtube
Also gathering in-person on Sundays at different locations


Cineplex Vaughan
Sunday 11:00 AM
3555 Highway 7 West, Vaughan


Bolton Fair Grounds (Outdoor)
Sunday 9:30 AM
150 Queen Street South, Bolton


King City United Church
Sunday 4:00 PM
50 Elizabeth Grove, King City

Church Online

Join us here live, every Sunday at 9:50 AM


This final message in the series highlights perhaps the central piece of Jesus revolution – die now, live later; death to self, life for others; hardship now, reward coming.



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