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Discover how serving helps you grow in your faith & be a blessing to others

God invites us to partner with Him in the work of bringing peace, healing, love & restoration to our world. When we serve, people get to feel the presence and power and love of God in a very tangible, human way.

Why The Well encourages you to serve

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We are so excited that you are thinking about serving here at the Well – and we want to make it as easy as possible! That’s why before you commit to joining a team we offer what we call a “First Serve” Opportunity!

“First Serve” means you get to come and shadow someone who is already serving in the ministry you’re interested in – letting you see first-hand what goes on and how you can help. From there, you can decide if that role is a good fit for you, ask any questions you may have and meet some people you’ll be serving with. Remember, the only real qualification you need is a willingness to try…you are already wanted and welcome!

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