Take the 30-Day Challenge!

Over the next 30 days we want you to challenge yourself to show your generosity to your friends, family and people in your community.

Below are just some ideas to get you started!

Be sure to share your stories of generosity with us by using the hashtag #whatgives2020 on Instagram and Facebook!

Give Gratitude & Encouragement
  • Bake a tasty treat and deliver it — along with a note of appreciation — to a neighbour, a front-line worker, or someone who you are thankful for. Let them know how much you appreciate them and all that they do.
  • Deliver flowers to someone
  • Write a hand written letter of encouragement to someone and mail it to them
  • Phone your parents and tell them what makes you thankful for them
  • Leave chalk messages of encouragement on your driveway for people to see as they walk by
  • Make up a care package and give it to someone as an act of gratitude and encouragement
  • Leave happy notes around town
  • Leave bubbles on someone’s doorstep
  • Leave kindness stones at the park, or along a common walking route
  • Reach out to Kait for ideas on simple ways that you can encourage and support our graduating students/the next generation
  • Listen to music throughout the day that focuses on God’s goodness
Do Justice & Mercy
  • Arrange a food drive with your sports team, work group, or club.
  • Collect money or items for a local charity
  • Make masks and send them to a person or group that needs them
  • Get on the Men-Ending-Trafficking prayer chain and start praying regularly for the victims/survivors of trafficking in our community (go to www.menendingtrafficking.ca/contact-us)
  • Start praying for our International Workers in Central Asia and Guinea who are working to fight injustice (Email [email protected] to get on the prayer list)
  • Attend a virtual anti-racism workshop
  • Advocate to your local government about protecting and supporting the underprivileged
  • Help your local municipality join the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities Against Racism and Discrimination or donate to the CRRF 
  • [NEW] – Pray against the human trafficking activities in your neighbourhood; download the guide

For some of us, it’s also about learning more on the subject. Here is list of recommended books for you:

Give Money & Stuff
  • Purchase a pint of strawberries for your neighbours
  • Assess how much money you are saving in quarantine (gas, GO train, etc.) and pray about where you can invest that money elsewhere. Then go do it!
  • Pay for the car behind you’s order in the drive-thru
  • Give to our church or one of our ministry partners (www.menendingtrafficking.ca; https://catalogue.faithhopeinaction.ca/)
  • Buy an item that is often out of stock (i.e. flour, hand sanitizer, etc.) and give it to someone that you think would appreciate it
  • Support a local business by ordering take-out from a local restaurant
  • Share your stuff with your neighbours/friends! Is someone wanting to buy something that they could just borrow from you? Can you borrow something from someone else? Save money and build relationships by sharing what you have with the people around you
  • Donate to your local refugee or immigrant welcome centre
Give Time
  • Go to the park without your phone – see what happens!
  • Stand in line at the grocery store and don’t look at your phone
  • Walk around your neighbourhood and say hello to everyone you pass at least once a week
  • Offer to return someone’s cart at the grocery store
  • Book a Zoom/Facetime call with someone you haven’t connected with since the quarantine began
  • Sit on your front porch instead of the backyard and say hello to whoever passes by
  • Arrange a “social distance” driveway meet up with someone new
  • Help with yard work
  • Have an unhurried phone call or face-time chat with someone who could use it right now
  • Offer to go grocery shopping for someone
  • Mow a elderly neighbours lawn
  • Clean up all the litter on your street or at your local park
  • Make a homemade gift for someone
  • Play a game on zoom, such as Pictionary, Codenames, with a group of friends
  • Offer to pray for someone who is struggling on the spot, instead of promising to pray for them next time
  • “Adopt” a university student. Commit to building a relationship with them, pray with and for them, and invite them over for dinner (or bring them a meal while physical distancing)
  • Bring out your instrument (guitar, keyboard, trumpet!) and sing some songs on your front lawn