Kids @ The Well

We hope your kids are ready to have some fun!

Our Programs

All programming is specifically designed for each age group – with trained teachers and child-centric activities – your kids will love it.

Kids @ The Well

Kids @ The Well is specially designed children’s program for JK to Grade 5, where we believe that no one is ever too young to experience God’s love and grace…and you can have a lot of fun doing it!

Kids and Youth programming is available each Sunday morning for kids from infants to Grade 8.


Our preschool class (Ages 3-4) will also have their room, while the Nursery (infant – 2 year olds) are cared for in a separate room.

Kids Classes

Classes take place each Sunday at all our locations. The following is a breakdown of our classes and their curriculums.

Nursery & Toddlers

0 – 35 months

Our goal is to comfort the little ones through their difficult separation anxiety and begin to create a love for their church family.

Activities Include:
Snack/Craft time
Biblical teaching combined with activities relating to their monthly themes


3 – 4 years (not yet in school)

Our goal for this age is that they will understand that they count. Children and families matter at Treehouse and The Well!

Activities Include:
Lively worship spent with the Toddlers Group
Biblical teaching combined with activities related to the story
Prayer with children at the end and a closing song

School Age: JK to Grade 5

JK – Grade 5

Theatre # 17

Our goal for this group is that they would understand their connections to God, family, friends and teachers. Growing healthy relationships, especially with Jesus, top the list of priorities at this age level. Our hope is that they will begin an authentic life-long journey of discovering, loving and following Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Activities Include:
Contemporary worship
Meaningful Discovery times
Bible Teaching, Prayer and craft
Comprehensive and attention grabbing activities

Faith at Home

Faith @Home is the belief that the home is the primary place where faith in Jesus Christ is nurtured. It envisions our homes becoming faith building environments. The latest research now offers a sobering reality that fewer than 10% of parents who regularly attend church with their kids, read the Bible together, pray together (other than mealtimes) or participate in an act of service as a family unit. This leaves a monumental disconnect between home-life and church-life, undermining the faith of our children as they move into independence and decision-making years.

How does it work?

One of the methods of bringing faith into our homes is called a Take it Home Event. This is where, each year or so, families at The Well learn one faith skill for each age group to bring into the life of their child at home. We look to empower parents to take their faith home through equipping them with practical resources, encouraging them with motivational true life stories and modelling how this would look through role play and rehearsals with their own family.

When is it?

This usually occurs during our Sunday morning service so that parents can join their children’s class.This usually occurs during our Sunday morning Service so that parents can join their children’s class.

Who is invited?

Both parents are encouraged to come together as this once per year commitment gives the child a clear indication that they matter and you value their faith walk as a priority. Also, for children with siblings, this gives them some one on one with parents. Grandparents, guardians, neighbours and friends who might be involved or have children in the particular age group will find these times inspirational and are welcome to join in.

Giggles & Group Play

Do you have preschool age children at home?

Do they like to have fun with kids their own age?

Would you like to connect with other parents and caregivers in your Vaughan community?

You and your preschooler need a playgroup.

A Fun playgroup!

A Fascinating playgroup!

A FREE playgroup!

The Well is pleased to host Giggles Playgroup each Wednesday morning in Vaughan – providing a place for both preschool kids and parents to have fun and build positive relationships. We supply the toys, some themed activities and crafts, and lots of coffee. And on top of it all, every few weeks there are special events, trips, and even some parenting-related workshops!

For more information call Pastor Kait or Melissa at 905.482.8722

Upcoming Events


At The Well we want to provide a safe, secure and loving environment for children. In an effort to do this, we have several security measures in place to protect children, parents, workers and our church.

Our Process

One of these measures is Safe Place Screening. This is a seven part process including the following:

Meeting with the Family Ministry Council
Application Form
Renewed yearly
Safe Place Training
Renewed yearly
Police Vulnerable Sector Check
Renewed every 2 years
Signed Code of Conduct Form
Reference Checks
6 months of attending church prior to working with children OR
In Good Standing – letter or referral from another church


The first year someone volunteers to work in our under 18 programs (Preschool, Kids, Youth) they are required to take an in-person Safe Place Orientation training. This is a two hour event held in both Fall and Spring at a luncheon held at our Ministry Centre.

Every year after that, we require each worker to refresh their memory around the issues of our Safe Place Policies. This may be done by attending the luncheon, or you may do that right here on our website in the following way:

    • Download and print your Training Forms here.
    • Open and watch this Safe Place Training Power Point
    • Fill out your Training Form
    • 4. Sign and submit to the Family Ministry Council.

Please email [email protected]