Ladies Night Support

Hey Home Groups!
Looking for more opportunities to serve our amazing community?
Our Ladies Night ministry offers an perfect opportunity for your home group to practice reaching DOWN in order to lift others up!

Who Are We Serving?
Ladies Night at the Well - a gathering of women who have been impacted by human trafficking and who desire Christian fellowship but may not feel at home in a regular church service. They meet monthly in partnership with and The Well.

We currently have a group of volunteers from the Well that attend these events. We have anywhere from 15 to 25 people in total each month. These meetings provide a safe and nurturing environment for those who are working to reintegrate into the world after much emotional and physical distress. Our meetings always include food. As Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine”. So along with a time of worship, the teachings of Jesus, self-esteem building activities and motivational speakers, we find healing with food offerings.

What Can Your Home Group Do to Help?

We have 2 unique events coming up this year that require food offerings, as well as our regular meetings in 2023.

In addition to cooking for this group, there are opportunities for your home group to provide your services with set up, clean up and/or serving food and beverages at each event.

Lastly, your group could serve this ministry by committing to pray for each gathering and all the women who attend. You could even use your home group DOWN nights to gather at the time of the Ladies Nights events and pray for our ladies in real time!

If you would like to use your Home Group DOWN nights to serve our Ladies Night ministry, please click on the links for any of the Ladies Nights dates below, so you can see the needs and register for your Home Group to serve.