Donation Drive for Sanctuary Toronto

being the hands and feet of Jesus during COVID-19

How you can get involved!

Youth at the Well will be collecting items to donate to Sanctuary Toronto from Saturday, September 19th through Friday, October 2nd at the Hub in Vaughan (55 Costa Road).

As many of you know, COVID-19 has put limits on where Youth Serve Team can go to help people and reach them. Our trip to Central Asia that was supposed to happen in July ended up being cancelled, but we still wanted to serve in any way possible. We began with cleaning up garbage around our cities, and have now decided to rally some support for a local non-profit organization called Sanctuary. Sanctuary Toronto is a faith-based community in the heart of downtown Toronto in which people who are poor and excluded are particularly valued. They offer weekly drop-ins, church services, medical aid, and advocacy for many vulnerable friends living in Toronto. Sanctuary is driven and guided by the gospel and they undertake many life-giving initiatives to help the people in their community and to share the love of Jesus Christ. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they have continued to provide support for vulnerable persons and continue to rely on generous donations to provide as much care as possible.

Our youth serve team is organizing a food/material drive and we want to get our community involved with donations. Things have gotten harder as a result of the pandemic and thousands of people rely on our giving to organizations like Sanctuary, so we would appreciate any donations that you are willing to give!!!

Sanctuary really needs finance to help support their ongoing operations. To donate funds to Sanctuary, you can visit their website by clicking the DONATE DIRECTLY button below.

For information on our items/materials drive, please visit our event page for a full list of needed items, and a list of dates and times when items can be dropped off to The Well's Ministry Hub.

You can learn more about Sanctuary's ministry at their website: