YOUTH @ The Well

JR High

For Grade 6-8

We’ll laugh together, learn from one another and serve the community side-by-side.

With a HUGE emphasis on fun, our goal is to provide a place where youth can develop quality friendships with their peers, establish positive mentoring relationships with our adult leaders and come to a deeper love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

At JR High your students can expect to find a place where they belong, are valued and are encouraged to explore who they were created to be while learning about God.

On Fridays: 7:30-9:30 p.m at the Hub

On Sundays: Begin worship in the adult service. Then JR Youth are dismissed during sermon.

Friday Nights


SR High

For Grade 9-12

Our high school youth group is a dynamic, safe community where teens can deepen friendships and delve into the complexities of life free from judgement and stigma.

With leaders who truly care about these students, our evenings are designed to foster friendship and connection with relevant conversations within a laid back atmosphere. This is a place for everyone!

On Fridays: 7:30- 9:30pm at the Hub

On Sundays: High school students join the adult service of The Well, and serve in areas across the church

Friday Nights

7:30 - 9:30pm