Love, First
Vijay Krishnan   -  

This is the first of two message that wrap up Revelation, focusing on the fact that the vision was
given to John to be read to 7 churches – not just those 7 churches but in the sense that 7
represents a complete number (in biblical/ancient literature) – and therefore every letter is for
all the churches (then and now)

This letter talks about the need for the church, above all other things (morality, good works) to
stay focused on love – love for Jesus and love for others

This isn’t about “First love” as in the one you loved at first, but rather “the love you had at first”
– which was both for God and for others

They were overly focused on doctrine and false teaching (sounds familiar) and in the end it
squeezed out their focus on love – and of primary concern for Jesus in this letter is their lack of
love for each other Over and over the church needs to be called back to love

  • John – you must love one another
  • Jesus – this is how the world will know that you follow me (John 13)

Otherwise I’ll remove your lampstand – a church that fails to love each other, eventually their
light goes out