My name is Vijay Krishnan and I am the Lead Pastor here at The Well. My wife Jennifer and I were part of the group who “planted” The Well in 2005 and in 2009, I left my career in business to join the pastoral staff.

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, the church was a part of my life from the beginning. It was there that I met my Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. The church provided me opportunities to form friendships that have lasted for decades, learn about my spiritual gifts and abilities, and receive guidance from the generation ahead of me. However, during my university years and subsequent corporate work experience, I discovered that for most people, the church was an obstruction (not a pathway) to finding God. I heard story after story of individuals who were sincerely seeking God but encountered hypocrisy, hurt, irrelevance and boredom. Truthfully, this discovery wrecked me. I resolved that if I ever had a chance to be a part of a church community that was able to authentically (though not perfectly) introduce people to Jesus, I would jump in with both feet. God provided that opportunity here at The Well.

My wife and I and our three sons are privileged to be a apart of what He is doing in, and through, The Well.