More “Judge” Less “Mental”
Vijay Krishnan   -  

This message tackles the theme of judgement in Revelation – and the idea of judgement itself.
This is difficult for us, on some levels but we need to realize that the biblical concept of
judgement is good news, in two ways. Judgement not now is good news – this is a time of
mercy, patience, and waiting.

Judgement (later) is also good news though – if there was no judge and no judgement, this
world would not be good but evil, right to the end. But the most important feature of
Judgement is WHO the Judge is. The only one who is fit to be judge is the one who was judged
for us

He is Lion – good, just – he is lamb – compassionate, self-sacrificing, meek, humble. Thank God
you/I are not the judge. Every gospel story of Jesus interacting with people the sinners are most
comfortable in his presence. The “Righteous” are most offended by him and refused to be
“judged” by him