I’m not going to lie (which is a good idea on a church website…and in life, really) –  I find it rather difficult to define my role here at The Well.
First and foremost, my family and I are committed members and co-servants at The Well. We have attended, served in and helped lead The Well from the beginning and feel very privileged to call this church our family.
A few years ago I officially joined the The Well staff team in a communications and operations capacity – and the vagueness of that job description allows for a variety of applications in real life. Truly I am particularly called to cultivating a culture of camaraderie… and growth… and JOY in our church as we, together, seek to deepen our relationship with the God who created us and His son who loves us with a never-ending, forever and ever, no-matter-what kind of love.
So for The Well it means I write about things that I am learning on our blog.
And I plan things that will help us all grow in our relationships and as individuals.
And I lead initiatives that will impact our community for Jesus.
And I tell people all about everything that is going on at URCC online, and in person, and via email and really any way people will listen.
And I connect with individuals and hear their stories and help if I can.

I’m the person to contact if you need more information about anything at The Well, of if you need help getting connected at the church, or you are struggling and don’t know where to begin.

Really – you just need to know that I love Jesus, I love people, and I love being a resource for others in their pursuit of Jesus.

Oh – and I love to talk. And laugh. And drink coffee.
Preferably all three at the same time!
So – because it is most certainly a part of my job description – if you ever want to do all three sometime and find out a little more about The Well, you now know how to get a hold of me.